It was the time of peace and prosperity when the Red Death began. The Draco Lords ruled the empire from on high. Their privileged offspring running afoul as the world slowly began to plummet in to despair. The other races of the realms rose up and the Blood War began.

The war lasted for many a year before the sacred weapons were found. These weapons were specifically crafted to destroy each of the high ranking lord who had become known as “The Dragon Lords”.

These weapons had been crafted with divine inspiration and guidance. It was the wielders of these weapons that defeated the Dragon Lords in one great and deadly battle. With most of the world destroyed, the races of the realms rebuilt with their own abilities and rule.Village and towns grew in to cities and citadels. Yet the story of the Lords never faded.

The realms grew while wars over borders happened. Treaties were made and broken. Crops grew and famine occurred. The races of the realms survived with out the guidance of the Dragon Lords. Yet, the legends grew.

Then after centuries with their own rule and guidance and prophecy was foretold. This prophecy said that the blood of Dracos would run again to rise and rule the realms. Yet, the legends continued.

Now strife and despair have started to hang on. Death and war are starting to prosper. The legends are being turned to as a solution. The prophecy wants to be fulfilled by the people. The Dragon Lords are being sought. Are the stories true? Is the prophecy complete?

That is for you to find out.

The Hierarchy