The Hierarchy

What Next?

After the defeat of Hallenge the party goes back to Hallenge village. What will be there next step? What information and they get from the parchments and dragon script book they found? Have they upset this Draco Lord uprising and what does it mean?

Hallenge Part II
Desert Hall

Regrouping in the main cavern and taking inventory of their supplies, the four head down one of the final three passages. As they start Gro Nor hears the shifting of rock under the wieght of a step. The group cautiously continues down the hall and ends in a fight with their new foes. As one runs around the corner, seemingly to escape, the sounds of another battle ring out to Justyce and Galilean’s astute hearing.

After dispatching the warriors they enter the turn and notice a giant scorpion as it claws one of the warriors in half as both sides of its body flop to the floor convulsing wildly. Our band of battled warriors decide to finish off the large creature and plunder what they can.

The next passage leads them in to a hall where there is a ceremony of some kind happening. Justyce slips down the middle of the room while those inside are caught up in the fervor and chants. Justyce kills the warrior in the middle and then leaps to the altar to stop the sacrifice. Gro Nor charges in, noticing the two side areas with cages. Allister and Galliean attack from the entrance with ranged attacks and spells that wreak havoc among their foes.

Justyce destroys the priest and one more soldier before having to retreat to one of the side areas to check his wounds that seem to be losing a lot of blood. Gro Nor cuts the pursuit while Galliean and Allister fight the two guards who came in quick from the sides.

After the next few moment the battle ends and an attempt to free the captives is made but to no avail. Pressing further they notice that the heat increases and the floor become more like sand than dry clay. The enter a room that is rolling sand hills from wall to wall and covers roughly 400 square feet.

Upon entering Hallenge leaps up out of the sand and lets loose with his breath that creates a sandstorm that slows the party. Gro Nor charges in and lands two good blows before breaking his weapon upon the dragon scales. Justyce flanks the dragon and lands two strong blows from behind. Then Hallenge drops below the sand.

Gro Nor runs towards the corner where a shimmer has caught his eye and he hopes to find a new weapon. Justyce and Galliean attempt to follow the ripples in the sand and track the movement of Hallenge. Finally he erupts from under Allister in a torrent of sand and teeth that launch the half elf across the room. Missing the brunt of the bite the groups set out to kill this beast.

Everyone lands blows upon the wyrm while Gro Nor searches for a weapon that he likes. The great brown scales then dive beneath the sand once more trying to recoup their strength. While trying to trace the ripples in the sand once more, Galliean notice the spot of matted sand and lets the others know that the beast is bleeding.

Suddenly the sand below the party spins like the vortex of a tornado and the group dances along it’s edge avoiding the slide towards it’s growing center. Hallenge leaps from the sand back near Gro Nor and unleashes devastating blows upon the great orc. The rest of the party comes crouching down upon the great beast and it falls with its final cling to life.

Brown Death

Stepping in to the opening found in the lair of the mud people, our band of warriors plummets down a rock slide and spill out into a 20’ wide hallway with guards lining both sides. Our heroes quickly dispatch the guards they continue deeper in to the cavern.

Exiting the main passage they enter a common room and find a large gathering of mud people. Is this a full force waiting to lay siege to the village they just left or some other gathering? As the battle breaks out Justyce notice that some of the group are slightly different and are wearing armor rather than hardened mud.

After the bloody destruction of the mud people and their new foes, our weary band begins to explore the side passages. Within the armory of bone weapons a spider layed in wait. The spider, known by the mud people as many eyes, put up a good fight but our group was too strong and prevailed over the 8 legged beast. Within the piles of bone weapons were the skeletons of dead travelers who had ventured from the village. Galliean finds a endless quiver among their possessions.

Go up the next hallway inf the arc of possible options they follow the trail of blood to a room where bodies were being cut in to bite size pieces for a large creature. The pile of full arms, legs, and torsos made it obvious to Allister that they were prepping food for a dragon. This was how the mud people had survived by taking villagers and using them as food or sacrifice for the Hallenge or some other beast. After the death of those preparing the feast, Justyce find the secret passage to the trove of treasure stored by these mad race.

There were two path left which way should they go?

Muck Lake
The Mud People

Gro Nor, Justyce, Galliean and Allister exit Hallenge village and travel to the north looking for the lair of the dragon clan that so named the vale. After a few hours they notice a few small shrubs with greener foliage growing in closer clumps and become more numerous as they continue forward.

As they approach the shrubbery to investigate the smell of murky death begins to enter their senses. They have come upon Muck Lake, so named because of the sludge that has formed as a watery mixture contained within the basin. The lake is about 1/2 mile across and the smell of noxious gas is present as the muddy bubbles pops across the pock marked surface.

Deeper investigation reveals a small entrance behind a copse of small trees. The small band enter the hole and notices the increase in temperature and the orange glow that lightens the passage. Working their way through the passages they discover a race of humanoid people that have coated themselves in the muck from the lake. This hardened mud worked as a substantial armor and hid their facial features.

Continuing their search they destroy the leader and spared the women and children that were present. This appeared to be the lair of the clan that inhabited the region outside the village. After rummaging through the lair of the leader they found a passage that led to another cavern. To what end would this labyrinth show its mercy?

Hallenge Village
The Heart of the Vale

The small band leaves the village of Gemetz in search of the hidden vale of the Hallenge dragon clan. They travel for three days and then approach what appears to be a worn down wall through the heat that has started to grow. As they get closer they realize it a walled village in the middle of no where in a heated vale with in the Spine.

As they approach a small contingent of men exit the main gate of the wall. As the party looks around they notice the archers at the ready and the many arrow slits with in the wall that could release a rain of death upon them. A thin man in a more ornate cloth than the others ask them to remove their weapons. The party does so with Justyce giving a cautious look towards his orc companion.

Galliean explains that these people have not seen any one from the outside for quite a while and are probably being cautious due to this fact. The party is led to a common room with beds and cots. The room is surprisingly cool due to the use of the clay bricks, although cracks are starting to show in the roof and walls.

After a brief conversation with the head of the militia the party learns that the vale used to be a trading center between the Gemetz and the cities on the other side of the Spine. After the Draco Lords were defeated the trade routes changed and this vale was left to itself. There was a small cavern just north of Muck Lake where the dragon kin of the Hallenge line dwelled, although they have not been seen for centuries.

The Lords Have Returned

After fighting their way through the Iceclaw Clan lair they found that the clan was serving a white dragon youngling. The battle between Iclan, the shaman that was caring for the youngling and the group the youngling was discovered.

The party fought hard and some memebers nearly died in this battle. After the youngling was destroyed the party discovered several parchments that they took by to town. As these documents were looked over it was discovered that and old Draco Lord name had resurfaced.

Hallenge, the lowest of the Draco Lords, was a brown dragon that lived in a vale in the middle of the spine. Due to the nature of the spine the vale was warm and dry which aided in Hallenge keeping quiet control of the vale. Hallenge is hte first sign that the Draco Lords have returned.

The party then set off for the vale to find this dragon and defeat him.

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