The Hierarchy

The Lords Have Returned

After fighting their way through the Iceclaw Clan lair they found that the clan was serving a white dragon youngling. The battle between Iclan, the shaman that was caring for the youngling and the group the youngling was discovered.

The party fought hard and some memebers nearly died in this battle. After the youngling was destroyed the party discovered several parchments that they took by to town. As these documents were looked over it was discovered that and old Draco Lord name had resurfaced.

Hallenge, the lowest of the Draco Lords, was a brown dragon that lived in a vale in the middle of the spine. Due to the nature of the spine the vale was warm and dry which aided in Hallenge keeping quiet control of the vale. Hallenge is hte first sign that the Draco Lords have returned.

The party then set off for the vale to find this dragon and defeat him.



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