Allister Scar

A half elf sorcerer that has a deep hatred for dragons.




Allister grew up on a small farm outside of the major city districts. His father was a dragonslayer at some point and then retired to a quieter life. One evening while the family was sitng and having dinner there was a knock on the door. A young lady entered and took the hospitality his family offered.

Allister, still and young boy, noticed something that his parents had missed but was not sure so he said nothing. This silence cost his parents their life and him the mark be bares on his back. During the night the woman turned from human form in to dragon form and attacked his family. The white dragon was the offspring of a dragon that his father had killed. She sought her revenge and swore that he would suffer as much as she had. this would be the ultimate revenge for his father.

The dragon tied him to a chair and made him watch as she froze and ate his mother than his father. Before his father died the dragon explained to him that his offspring would suffer like she had after the death of her mother. She then froze his back and peeled his skin, this is where his scar came from.

He has sworn revenge after being found and raised by an old hermit in the hills near the town. This hermit was a sorcerer who showed him the ways to control fire. As Allister grew his rage for revenge on this dragon grew and he swore to seek him out. He lives by the motto, “Freezing my visions fires my revenge.”

The white dragon had a distinct mark that he will always remember. When she stared in to his eyes and looked in to his soul he saw the red streaks that ran from each pupil around the entire eye like a ribbon. He would never forget that ribbon.

Allister Scar

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