A minotaur warrior who straps a great axe named "baby" to his back.


As runt and discolored member of the clan, Mongol had to fight from the day he was born. He learned quickly that brute strength can overcome any situation. He also learned that taking out the most powerful adversary will usually weaken the rest. The head of the clan militia noticed this as Mongol bested four older bulls for food.

Sagnar, the head of the militia, took Mongol under his wing and trained him with the axe. He showed how to make the axe and his body dance as one while dishing out severe pain to his adversaries. One afternoon an ancient bull entered the arena while Mongol was training. this bull explained to him the powers that the arcane can give a mighty warrior when he truly becomes one with the blade. After the old bull left and Sagnar entered Mongol asked what the old bull was speaking of. Sagnar, who had not seen the old bull he had just walked past, gave Mongol a confused look and explained that might and blade work in unison, the arcane is not needed.

Mongol then began to wonder and started inquring about the clan for the old bull. No one knew who he was speaking of or where to find him. After a major battle to defend their lair, one of Mongol’s comrades fell. After the ritual of the passing which allows a warrior to defend the eternals, Mongol sat and thought of what was to come. The old bull then appeared again. He said, “You have the blood of the ancient clan with in you. The spirits will talk to you as I am now. Others will know not of who we are and where we are. Seek the booming fireblade of Anzax. When found you will find what you need.”

Mongol found the fireblade of Anzax. When he reached to grab the blade it turned to dust. Under the dust he found journals of the exploits of Anzax. As he touched the journals to pick them up a spirit appeared. “I am Anzax. I have been waiting for a warrior to carry on my ways. Mongol, you are that warrior. You need to bond completely with you blade. Sit, meditate, become one with the blade in spirit as you already do in the physical. These books will show you other ways to better work your blade to perfection. Your dance of battle will become a sign of death for your foes.”

This is how Mongol Foesplitter learned to dance with his axe the way an elf dances with a sword. he now follows the spirits from quest to quest trying to piece together all of the knowledge of the fireblade of Anzax that he can find.


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