Alid, the Seer of Gemetz: Alid is theo old blind seer that resides just outside of Gemetz.

Althnor Glitterfinger: This halfling specializes in gem and jewels. He works from Gemetz.

Asion: The mayor of Gemetz.

Auckland Swinestriker: The owner of the Bleeding Boar Inn at Gemetz. He has a knack for acquiring information for his patrons.

Chaney Aquafor: the gnome alchemist of Gemetz.

Ethan Featherfinger: A 1/2 elf who has become the primary fletcher in Gemetz.

Keniv Steelshaper: the armorer of Gemetz. He has mastered the art of using dragon scales to specialize armor.
*Vale of Hallenge

Muck Raiders: These people have settled in the vale and worship the dragon Hallenge. They have made their lair along Muck Lake and have figured out how to utilize the murky mud to their advantage.

Hallenge:The descendant of the Hallenge line that has returned to reclaim the vale that was once theirs.

Ice Claw Clan

Ice Claw Clan:A combination of orc and goblin who have made their home outside of Gemetz and guard the new hatchlings.

Iclan:The orc warlock who has been in charge of the newly hatched dragons for their first few months of life. He believes he is working for an immortal and sacrifices wayward travellers to Ice Claw.

Ice Claw:A youn whit dragon hatchling currently being cared for by Iclan and the Ice Claw Clan.


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