The Hierarchy


Brown Death

Stepping in to the opening found in the lair of the mud people, our band of warriors plummets down a rock slide and spill out into a 20’ wide hallway with guards lining both sides. Our heroes quickly dispatch the guards they continue deeper in to the cavern.

Exiting the main passage they enter a common room and find a large gathering of mud people. Is this a full force waiting to lay siege to the village they just left or some other gathering? As the battle breaks out Justyce notice that some of the group are slightly different and are wearing armor rather than hardened mud.

After the bloody destruction of the mud people and their new foes, our weary band begins to explore the side passages. Within the armory of bone weapons a spider layed in wait. The spider, known by the mud people as many eyes, put up a good fight but our group was too strong and prevailed over the 8 legged beast. Within the piles of bone weapons were the skeletons of dead travelers who had ventured from the village. Galliean finds a endless quiver among their possessions.

Go up the next hallway inf the arc of possible options they follow the trail of blood to a room where bodies were being cut in to bite size pieces for a large creature. The pile of full arms, legs, and torsos made it obvious to Allister that they were prepping food for a dragon. This was how the mud people had survived by taking villagers and using them as food or sacrifice for the Hallenge or some other beast. After the death of those preparing the feast, Justyce find the secret passage to the trove of treasure stored by these mad race.

There were two path left which way should they go?



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