The Hierarchy

Hallenge Part II

Desert Hall

Regrouping in the main cavern and taking inventory of their supplies, the four head down one of the final three passages. As they start Gro Nor hears the shifting of rock under the wieght of a step. The group cautiously continues down the hall and ends in a fight with their new foes. As one runs around the corner, seemingly to escape, the sounds of another battle ring out to Justyce and Galilean’s astute hearing.

After dispatching the warriors they enter the turn and notice a giant scorpion as it claws one of the warriors in half as both sides of its body flop to the floor convulsing wildly. Our band of battled warriors decide to finish off the large creature and plunder what they can.

The next passage leads them in to a hall where there is a ceremony of some kind happening. Justyce slips down the middle of the room while those inside are caught up in the fervor and chants. Justyce kills the warrior in the middle and then leaps to the altar to stop the sacrifice. Gro Nor charges in, noticing the two side areas with cages. Allister and Galliean attack from the entrance with ranged attacks and spells that wreak havoc among their foes.

Justyce destroys the priest and one more soldier before having to retreat to one of the side areas to check his wounds that seem to be losing a lot of blood. Gro Nor cuts the pursuit while Galliean and Allister fight the two guards who came in quick from the sides.

After the next few moment the battle ends and an attempt to free the captives is made but to no avail. Pressing further they notice that the heat increases and the floor become more like sand than dry clay. The enter a room that is rolling sand hills from wall to wall and covers roughly 400 square feet.

Upon entering Hallenge leaps up out of the sand and lets loose with his breath that creates a sandstorm that slows the party. Gro Nor charges in and lands two good blows before breaking his weapon upon the dragon scales. Justyce flanks the dragon and lands two strong blows from behind. Then Hallenge drops below the sand.

Gro Nor runs towards the corner where a shimmer has caught his eye and he hopes to find a new weapon. Justyce and Galliean attempt to follow the ripples in the sand and track the movement of Hallenge. Finally he erupts from under Allister in a torrent of sand and teeth that launch the half elf across the room. Missing the brunt of the bite the groups set out to kill this beast.

Everyone lands blows upon the wyrm while Gro Nor searches for a weapon that he likes. The great brown scales then dive beneath the sand once more trying to recoup their strength. While trying to trace the ripples in the sand once more, Galliean notice the spot of matted sand and lets the others know that the beast is bleeding.

Suddenly the sand below the party spins like the vortex of a tornado and the group dances along it’s edge avoiding the slide towards it’s growing center. Hallenge leaps from the sand back near Gro Nor and unleashes devastating blows upon the great orc. The rest of the party comes crouching down upon the great beast and it falls with its final cling to life.



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