The Hierarchy

Hallenge Village

The Heart of the Vale

The small band leaves the village of Gemetz in search of the hidden vale of the Hallenge dragon clan. They travel for three days and then approach what appears to be a worn down wall through the heat that has started to grow. As they get closer they realize it a walled village in the middle of no where in a heated vale with in the Spine.

As they approach a small contingent of men exit the main gate of the wall. As the party looks around they notice the archers at the ready and the many arrow slits with in the wall that could release a rain of death upon them. A thin man in a more ornate cloth than the others ask them to remove their weapons. The party does so with Justyce giving a cautious look towards his orc companion.

Galliean explains that these people have not seen any one from the outside for quite a while and are probably being cautious due to this fact. The party is led to a common room with beds and cots. The room is surprisingly cool due to the use of the clay bricks, although cracks are starting to show in the roof and walls.

After a brief conversation with the head of the militia the party learns that the vale used to be a trading center between the Gemetz and the cities on the other side of the Spine. After the Draco Lords were defeated the trade routes changed and this vale was left to itself. There was a small cavern just north of Muck Lake where the dragon kin of the Hallenge line dwelled, although they have not been seen for centuries.



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