The Hierarchy

Muck Lake

The Mud People

Gro Nor, Justyce, Galliean and Allister exit Hallenge village and travel to the north looking for the lair of the dragon clan that so named the vale. After a few hours they notice a few small shrubs with greener foliage growing in closer clumps and become more numerous as they continue forward.

As they approach the shrubbery to investigate the smell of murky death begins to enter their senses. They have come upon Muck Lake, so named because of the sludge that has formed as a watery mixture contained within the basin. The lake is about 1/2 mile across and the smell of noxious gas is present as the muddy bubbles pops across the pock marked surface.

Deeper investigation reveals a small entrance behind a copse of small trees. The small band enter the hole and notices the increase in temperature and the orange glow that lightens the passage. Working their way through the passages they discover a race of humanoid people that have coated themselves in the muck from the lake. This hardened mud worked as a substantial armor and hid their facial features.

Continuing their search they destroy the leader and spared the women and children that were present. This appeared to be the lair of the clan that inhabited the region outside the village. After rummaging through the lair of the leader they found a passage that led to another cavern. To what end would this labyrinth show its mercy?



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